Send an image message (MMS) from ActiveCampaign


You can add image links to your messages directly inside ActiveCampaign and send them as an MMS.


Supported image formats are: .jpg, .png, gif. The recommended image file size is no more than 500kb.


MMS messaging is currently only supported in the United States and Canada.  To send MMS to other countries, please check out Universal MMS.


Aircall numbers imported through the Aircall integration do not support sending or receiving MMS.  You can add MMS support by hosting the number with Sakari.

From an ActiveCampaign Automation

  • Make sure you have the Sakari and ActiveCampaign integration set up
  • Log in to ActiveCampaign
  • Click the Automations button in the left navigation pane


  • Click Create an Automation in the top right.


  • Complete all the necessary steps to build your automation. You can take a look at our ActiveCampaign SMS automation setup guide here.
  • After building your automation, the last step will ask for messaging criteria. At the end of the modal window is an option for a Media URL.


  • You must copy and paste a hard-coded link of your picture message as the Media URL. This can be done by right-clicking on the image and selecting Copy Image Address.


  • Paste the link into the ActiveCampaign media field, and a URL should populate.


  • Select Finish. Now, when your automation runs based on your triggers/actions, your text messages should include the image that you provided the link for.
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