Troubleshoot an ActiveCampaign Automation

If you have an ActiveCampaign automation that isn't sending messages when you would expect it to, please follow these steps to confirm that the data is flowing to Sakari when your automation runs. 



1. Log in to your ActiveCampaign account.


2. Click on Apps in the lower left.



3. Search for Sakari in the top right.



4. Open the Sakari SMS App.


5. Click View Logs in the top right.



6.  This is what the Sakari support team need to see. The log files will indicate if the messages successfully sent to Sakari, or if they failed in ActiveCampaign.  



What the Support Team Needs

The Sakari support team needs to know three things:

  1. Was the message successful in ActiveCampaign
  2. A screenshot of the Log Details (see image below)
  3. The phone number of the contact.

Example Log Details Image


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