Send Bulk SMS from an ActiveCampaign List


Text messages can be sent in bulk to multiple contacts from ActiveCampaign by enrolling a list in an automation. 


Create a list

Create a List of contacts in ActiveCampaign. This support article walks through how to set that up: How to Create an ActiveCampaign List


Create a new automation

  • Create a new automation in ActiveCampaign, starting from scratch.
  • Select the Subscribes to a list trigger. 





  • Select your list, decide how frequently the workflow should run (usually it's just Once).  Click Add Start.




Add the Sakari Send SMS action

  • Add the Sakari Send SMS action following these instructions:
    • Account - Select which Sakari account to use
    • From - the phone number Group that your messages will send from
    • Message - the message you will send to each contact
    • Add opt-out suffix? - Should a "Reply STOP to stop..." messaging suffix be added to your message? 
    • Media - Include an image URL to send image text message (US and Canada support only)



  • Click Finish and you're done!



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