Create an SMS Automation in ActiveCampaign


Build SMS automations based on specified triggers to send a Sakari text message automatically.


  • If you haven't already, create a new Sakari account:
  • In Active Campaign, click on Automations in the left navigation.


  • Select the Create an Automation button.


  • Choose a pre-populated automation or create your own by selecting Start from Scratch.


  • You will be prompted to choose your Start Trigger. The trigger that you specify will result in a Sakari SMS text message being sent to a contact. 


  • After you've chosen your trigger, the screen below will pop up for you to select an action
  • Click on CXApps in the left navigation tab
  • Select the Send an SMS Message via Sakari option


  • Configure the Sakari settings: 
    • Account - select which Sakari account to use
    • From - the phone number Group that your messages will send from
    • Message - the message you will send to each contact
    • Add opt-out suffix? - should a "Reply STOP to stop..." messaging suffix be added to your message? 
    • Media - include an image URL to send an image text message (MMS - US and Canada support only)



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