How to Create an SMS Automation in ActiveCampaign

Build SMS automations based on specified triggers to automatically send a Sakari text message.


1. If you haven't already, create a new Sakari account:


2. Set up the Sakari ActiveCampaign SMS integration. You can view a step-by-step video here.


3. In Active Campaign, click on Automations in the left navigation.



4. Select the Create an Automation button.



5. Choose a pre-populated automation or create your own by selecting Start from Scratch.




6. You will be prompted to choose your Start Trigger. This is a trigger that you specify that will prompt a Sakari SMS text message to be sent to a contact. 




7. After you've chosen your trigger, the below screen will pop up for you to select an Action. Click on CXApps in the left navigation tab, then select the Send an SMS Message via Sakari option.




8. Configure the Sakari settings: 

  • Account - Select which Sakari account to use
  • From - the phone number group that your messages will send from
  • Message - the message you will send to each contact
  • Add opt-out suffix? - Should a "Stop to stop..." messaging suffix be added to your message? 
  • Media - Include an image URL to send image text message (US and Canada support only)





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