How To Send Scheduled Bulk SMS from a HubSpot Lists

How to send personalized text messages to members of a HubSpot active or static lists

NOTE: We recommend testing your text message workflow out before sending to a large list of contacts. Once you trigger a text message from a list it's very fast and not reversible.  A good way to test is to create a separate list with just yourself in it.


1. Create your HubSpot list.  This list can be active or static. 

In your HubSpot account create a list of contacts that should receive your message.  This article will not cover the creation of a list in HubSpot.  For a reference on how to create a HubSpot list, please see this support article:


2. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation > Workflows


3. Click Create workflow


4. Select a Contact-based with a type of Center on date.  Select the date that you would like to send your text message.



5. Click the Set enrollment triggers button



6. Select the List Memberships filter type


7. Select your list name and click the Contact is a member of list option.  Apply the filter.




8. Click the orange icon to add a new action



9. Click the Sakari Send SMS integration extension



10. Configure your Sakari message. 

  • Phone Number - typically you'll use the contact tokens to enter the mobile number or phone number here
  • Message - the message you want to send
  • Messaging Type - select transactional or marketing.
  • Run As - this is only used when you have multiple dedicated phone number.  Learn more about the Run As field.


Completed List Workflow



11. Give your workflow a name by clicking the pencil icon to the right at the top.


12. Click Review in the top right to turn your workflow on and you're done!




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