Create a New Campaign


Navigate to the Campaigns tab to create a new Campaign.


  • Click on Create Campaign

You will be directed to five stages of creating a campaign:

  • Campaign Details
  • Contacts
  • Conditions
  • Messaging
  • Schedule

Campaign Details


  • Name - give your campaign a name
  • Description - add more detail about the campaign.  This could include the purpose, the recipients or the timing, or all or none of the above!
  • Select a Group - all numbers in your Sakari account will have their own Group.  Select the Group in your Sakari account that contains the number you want to send from


To select contacts to be targeted by this campaign, you can Select List or Upload a CSV


Select List

The Select List dropdown will contain all the lists of contacts that have been created in Sakari. 

For more information on how to add and manage lists, please see this article.

Integration Lists

Sakari supports lists from your HubSpot integration.  When selecting an integration list, a sync will occur to ensure up-to-date contacts upon execution (on-demand or scheduled).

Integration lists will appear with the integration icon beside the list name in the selector:

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 11.33.31.png


CSV Upload Requirements

Please check the following before uploading your CSV file:

The file has the following two mandatory columns:

  • Mobile: the phone number you wish to send the message to.
  • Country: the 2-character country code of the number you wish to send the message to (e.g. if you are sending to an American number, type "US")


  • You're uploading a CSV (not XLS or XLSX) file
  • You have already created Custom Attributes in Sakari to receive information from any columns (additional to the Core Attributes) of data that you want to upload

CSV Contacts Upload Template

Download our CSV Template to help you: CSV Contacts Upload Template 

Column Mapping

When uploading a CSV, map your columns using the drop-down menu.

This mapping is important for any Custom Attributes (dynamic fields) you want inserted in your message text.


Conditions allow you to filter your chosen contacts by additional criteria.  Any conditions selected here will be exclusive to the configured campaign.

  • To add a condition, click + Add Filter:

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 10.38.40.png

You can filter by any attribute configured in Contacts, for example (default attributes):

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Mobile number
  • Email address

For each condition, you can apply an operator (equals, does not equal) for each value you intend to filter by.  You can further granulate the filter within each condition by adding an +OR function.

More conditions (to filter on additional attributes) can be added in conjunction with existing conditions by clicking +AND.

Use the trash can icon to remove conditions.



From the Messaging section, you can create your message:


As you create your message, you'll see the character and segment count rise and fall to help you understand the potential cost of sending your campaign:

Campaign - Create Message (Segment Count).gif

Available actions:

Insert an image

  • Creates a multimedia message (MMS)

Campaign - Create Message (Add Image).png


Supported image formats are: .jpg, .png, gif. The recommended image file size is no more than 500kb.


MMS messaging is currently only supported in the United States and Canada.  To send MMS to other countries, please check out Universal MMS.


Aircall numbers imported through the Aircall integration do not support sending or receiving MMS.  You can add MMS support by hosting the number with Sakari.

Insert a template

  • Save time by using a pre-prepared message

Campaign - Create Message (Add Template).png

Insert a short link

  • Convert a long link to a supported short link to help save on messaging costs and improve deliverability

Campaign - Create Message (Add Link).png

AI Assistant

  • Describe the message you need and let our AI assistant come up with up to 3 different examples for you to choose from

Campaign - Create Message (AI).png


Insert contact attributes

  • Use tokens based on available Contact Attributes to personalise your message to each recipient

Campaign - Create Message (Add Attributes).png


From here, you can configure the time and date of your Campaign execution.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 11.26.17.png


Choose one of the options and utilize the date pickers for:

  • Once
  • Daily
  • Monthly

On Demand (formerly Manual and File Upload)

Configuring your Campaign as On Demand will allow you to execute the Campaign manually.

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