How to Send Automated HubSpot SMS Appointment Reminders

How to Send Automated HubSpot SMS Appointment Reminders


HubSpot doesn't make it easy to automate text messaging reminders, but it can be done.  In this article we will walk through step-by-step how to send text messaging appointment reminders through HubSpot, using Sakari. 

Note: this tutorial will require access to HubSpot workflows, something which typically requires a HubSpot Pro or Enterprise subscription.



1. If you haven't already, install the Sakari HubSpot text messaging integration


2. In HubSpot selection Automations > Workflows in the top navigation


3. Click the Create workflow button


4. Select a Contact-based workflow centered on a Date Property.  Select the date property that you want to create the reminder for.  In our example we will use our appointment date property called Appt Date. Click Next.




5.  We now need to define our trigger, the Delay Schedule and the action which will send the text message.




Enrollment Trigger

The enrollment trigger will define when our workflow will run.  There are numerous options for this, but in our example we want the workflow to run whenever we have an appointment date populated.  

We will select a triggering value using the Contact Property of Appt Date = is known





Delay Schedule and Timing

Click on the Delay schedule and timing box to edit when your text message appointment reminder will send. Once opened you can define whether the action should occur on, before or after the date value. In our example we will select a value of before, 1 day, at 9:00 AM. 

Note: these times are going to be based on your HubSpot account business timezone.  These can be edited in your HubSpot regional settings.




The workflow action will be used to send your text message.  To add a new action click the "+ " icon.  Select the Sakari Send SMS action.  You can then define the messaging template that will be used to send your text messaging appointment reminder. 

To learn more about how to send a text message in HubSpot, see the article HubSpot Send SMS Workflow Action setup.



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