Understand the HubSpot "Send SMS" Workflow Action Options




Firstly, if you don't already have the HubSpot and Sakari integration installed, you can complete the process here: https://hub.sakari.io/signup/

Phone Number 

This is the phone number you will send your text message to.  You have a few options for this field: 

  • Mobile Phone Number HubSpot token - this will automatically insert the Mobile Phone Number for the contacts HubSpot record.
  • Phone Number HubSpot token - this will automatically insert the Phone Number for the contacts HubSpot record.
  • Hard-coded Phone Number - you can hardcode any phone number in to the Sakari Send SMS action.  This works well if you want to automatically trigger a text message to a specific person.
Pro Tip: You can add both the Mobile Phone Number token and Phone Number token, separated by a comma.  This will try the primary token first, and fall back to the secondary token if the first is blank/null.


This is the message you will send to your contact. This text can include: 

  • Static text (e.g. Hello)
  • HubSpot contact personalization tokens (e.g. First Name, Company, etc.)  These are added by clicking the Contact Token text in the top right of the field box.
  • Emojis 👍
  • Website Links

Messaging Type

The messaging type is used to select what type of message you're sending to your contact.  There are two options for messaging type, when you select marketing a suffix is appended to your message. 

  • Transactional - no suffix is added to your message body 
  • Marketing - an opt-out suffix is added to your message body.  This is typically similar to "Msg&data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel."

Media (MMS messaging)

The media field is used to send text messages with an image (MMS messages).  The image can be linked in two different ways: 

Note: MMS messaging is only supported in the United States and Canada today
Requirements: Supported image formats are: .jpg, .png, gif.  The recommended image file size is no more than 500kb (up to 600kb for US/CA local phone numbers).

Hardcoded and HubSpot Token Examples

In the token example, this contact property should be an image URL that is publicly available.


Run As

The Run As field is used to select which phone number should be used when you have multiple phone numbers with Sakari.  Please refer to this article for more information on the field: Run As Workflow Field

Additional Contact Owner Attributes (JSON)

The Additional Contact Owner Attributes field is used to add personalization tokens that are specific to individual contact owners.  Please refer to this article for more information on the field: Additional Contact Owner Attributes (JSON)


Learn more about the HubSpot and Sakari Integration here. 

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