Using a HubSpot Deal Based Workflow to Update a Contact Property

The following process can be used on both HubSpot deal-based and ticket-based workflows.

In some cases it's helpful to be able to update a HubSpot contract property when a deal or ticket event occurs.  This can be accomplished using a HubSpot deal-based workflow.

A HubSpot contact based workflow can be triggered by an update to a contact property from a deal based workflow.   


1. Create a new contact based property (or use existing if you'd like). 


2. Add the contact property to your deal based workflow using the Set Property Value action.  In our example we used a date picker property, and have the workflow set the Date of Step (the run date) as the property value when the workflow runs. 




3. Now that you have a contact attribute that is updating each time your deal workflow is running, this can be used to trigger a contact based workflow.

Create a new contact based workflow.  The enrollment trigger will be your contact property from step one as being 'is known' (using our date property example). In other examples you may have the property equal to a certain value. 

You can then add your action of sending a text message using the Sakari send SMS action.





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