Disconnect and Reconnect the ActiveCampaign Integration


Disconnecting Sakari from ActiveCampaign will delete all data stored inside the SMS actions currently used by your automations.  The actions themselves will persist, but the information stored in them will be deleted.  


How to disconnect Sakari from Active Campaign


1. Make sure your Sakari SMS actions are backed up, the information contained inside the "Send an SMS Message via Sakari" will be deleted upon disconnection.  ActiveCampaign has informed us the best course of action is to copy / paste your message template and take a screenshot of the other settings.
2. Navigate to your "Apps" page in ActiveCampaign and search for Sakari.  Click on "Sakari SMS" 
3. Disconnect your Sakari Integration(s).
4. To reconnect, go to one of your automations and there will be a red 'reconnect' pop up next to your Sakari actions.  Or from within Automations, click the + sign to Add a New Action, then click CX Apps in the left panel.
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