How to Set Up a HubSpot NPS SMS Campaign

Note: This features requires a dedicated phone number in your Sakari account.  Please contact the Sakari team to set this up.

Net Promoter Score collection works great when sent from text messages.  Setting this up in HubSpot is easy to do, and can be completely automated.

In this article we will walk through how to setup a Net Promoter Score (NPS) text messaging campaign using two HubSpot workflows. The first will automatically trigger a Net Promoter Score text message when some triggering criteria is met.  The second workflow will automatically send a personalized response that will be varied based on the NPS value submitted by the customer.


How to Send the NPS Request SMS from HubSpot

1. In HubSpot, go to Automation > Workflows in the top navigation

2. Create a new workflow.  You can trigger the NPS survey text message from any type of workflow (Contact, Deal, Ticket, etc), but in our example we'll use a contact-based workflow.

3. Add a trigger.  The trigger will be what will cause the Net Promoter Score text message to send from your HubSpot workflow. 

In our example, we are going to use the contact property of Became a Customer Date where it was more than 90 days ago.  But your trigger can be whatever you'd like, common examples might include: 

  • List Membership - send a bulk list of text messages to members of a HubSpot list
  • Deal Completion - send a NPS survey for contacts that recently completed a deal stage.
  • Lifecycle Status Change - send a NPS survey for contacts that had a lifecycle status change in HubSpot
  • Contact Creation Date - automatically trigger a NPS survey for contacts that are greater than X days old. 

4. Add the Sakari Send SMS action.  Click the "+" to add a new action a select the Sakari Send SMS extension. 

Now we'll structure our message, with the following data fields:

  • Phone Number - this is the phone number Sakari will use to send the NPS survey to.  In our example we'll use the Mobile Phone Number if it exists, and if not, fall back to the phone number for the contact.
  • Message - the message your contact will receive
  • Messaging Type - the type of messaging being sent (transactional or marketing)
  • Media - Not used, this is used to add an image to your text message
  • Run As - Not used, this will use our account default phone number
  • JSON - Not used
Pro Tip: To learn more about the Sakari Send SMS fields, please see this article: HubSpot Send SMS Action Setup



Completed HubSpot Workflow to Send NPS SMS Survey



How to Setup Auto-Responses to Completed NPS Surveys

If desired, a HubSpot workflow can be setup to automatically respond when a new NPS text messaging survey response is received.  The response can be recorded to a custom property and your response can be automatically changed based on the submitted value from your contact.

Note: Prior to setting up this portion of the workflow, make sure you have the "Send Sent and Received Message Information" turned on in your Sakari HubSpot integration settings.  Without the setting on, the Message Received Body property will not be enabled. 

1. We'll create a new (second) workflow to manage the NPS survey responses.  In HubSpot, go to Automation > Workflows in the top navigation

2. Create a new contact-based workflow from scratch.

3. Click the Add Enrollment Trigger button. 

We will add a trigger by selecting the Contact Property of Message Received Body

Now we'll add the matching trigger values. These should be added where the Message Received Body is equal to any of X. 

Important: Each of the message received body trigger values must be added as separate "OR" values.  They cannot be combined. 






4. Turn Re-enrollment on. Make sure all of the Message Received Body options are checked on.


5. Setup the If/Then Branches. In our example, we want to have different text message responses based on responses in three different response groups.  To do this, we will add three separate If/Then branches.

  • 8-10 Responses - As the highest value responses, we want to thank the customer
  • 5-7 Responses - We want to understand how we could have done better
  • 1-4 Response - These we want to escalate and address as quickly as possible


6. Add your SMS response actions.  Using the Sakari Send SMS HubSpot workflow action we will add personalized text message responses based on the range of values our contact replied with. 

Click the "+" icon to add a new action below the If/Then branch.  Add the Sakari Send SMS action and personalize your response as desired.

Repeat this action for the remaining If/Then branches. 

PRO TIP: In addition to automatically triggering text message responses, you can also trigger internal actions within your team based on the submitted responses.  Common examples include automatically creating a ticket, creating a task, or emailing a manager.  These additional actions can be added below each of the If/Then branches.



7. Give your workflow a name, turn it on, and you're done!


Completed HubSpot NPS Workflow to Automatically Respond





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