HubSpot Run As Workflow Field


Sakari uses the HubSpot Run As workflow field value to determine which phone number it uses to send the SMS for your workflow.  The Run As field must reference the Group containing the phone number you wish to use.

There are three types of reference to a Group that Sakari will recognise:

Use a blank value

When the Run As field is left blank, Sakari will automatically choose:

  • The only Group on the account (if there is only one)


Use the Tag of a phone number Group

When the Tag of a phone number Group is used in the Run As field, the number in that Group will be used to send your message.  The value in the Run As field must match the Tag exactly

In our example below, this phone number Group has a Tag of "Marketing." 


Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 19.50.29.png


Enter the corresponding value in the Run As field to select this number for sending your HubSpot workflow.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 19.55.46.png


Use the Contact owner - Full name token

Each number can be dedicated to a specific individual when using multiple telephone numbers in Sakari.  In this scenario, the message to each different Contact enrolled in a single workflow can be sent from the number associated with that Contact's Owner.

This means one workflow can be used to send outbound messages, while replies from any Contact will return to their specific Contact Owner's number.

To dedicate a number to an individual:

  • Create a Group for the number
  • Add the individual to the Group

To send each message in a workflow from the appropriate Contact Owner's number:

  • Add a Tag to the Group which matches the individual's full name in HubSpot

Mouse_Highlight_Overlay (1).png

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 20.33.19.png

When a contact passes through the workflow, its Owner's full name will be returned in the Run As field.  Sakari matches this to the Tag on the Group and sends the message to the contact from this number.

You can use the same Tag as static text in the Run As field to select only the corresponding Group to send the entire workflow (as in Use the Tag of a phone number Group above).

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