Message Status Types and Error Codes

When a text message is sent in Sakari, it moves through a series of messages status states. The most common Sakari message status types and error codes are included below.

Message Status Types

There are main message status types in Sakari:

  • Sent - the message has been sent to the carrier
  • Delivered - the carrier has confirmed delivery to the mobile phone handset (not all carriers provide this detail)
  • Received - this is an inbound (reply) to your message
  • Queued - the message has been sent to the carrier and we are pending an acknowledgement that it has been delivered to the contacts handset.
  • Validated - the message has been approved to send in Sakari and is pending delivery to the carrier
  • Error - the message has failed. You can view a list of the most common error codes below.
  • Invalid - your contact has invalid information (e.g. an invalid phone number)

Message Error Codes

Some of the most common error codes are: 

ACCT-006  Insufficient credit available
INT-002 Provider is not enabled for destination country
MSG-001 Unable to find an available phone number
MSG-006 Unknown provider error
MSG-007 Message is too long
MSG-008 Message marked as SPAM by carrier
MSG-009 Message prohibited by carrier
MSG-018 Message could not be routed to destination
MSG-019 Undelivered - handset was unreachable, the number was a landline, or the carrier blocked the content
MSG-020 Number is a landline and can not accept messages
MSG-023 Message was rejected by carrier
MSG-024 Message appears to be a duplicate
MSG-025 Unknown provider error
MSG-026 The message timed out
MSG-028 Message delivery has been throttled. Message will be retried shortly
MSG-029 Phone number has exceeded daily limits on message throughput
MSG-033 Carrier service failure
MSG-036 Messaging to/from a toll free number is blocked
MSG-037 The sent-to phone number is not associated with a carrier
MSG-043 Free URL shorteners are blocked in the United States and Canada
MSG-047 Carrier does not support SMS
CONT-001 Invalid mobile number
CONT-010 Contact has requested no further communication
CONT-012 Destination number not reachable
CONT-014 Number is not capable of receiving SMS
PN-001 Phone number does not support destination country
REG-001 Brand is not associated with this account.  Please register with 10DLC.
REG-002 Messaging to US numbers is prohibited without 10DLC registration. Please contact to start your submission
REG-003 Messaging to US numbers will be prohibited without 10DLC registration from June 1st, 2022. Please contact to start your submission
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