Message Status Types and Error Codes

When a text message is sent in Sakari, it moves through a series of message status states. The most common Sakari message status types and error codes are included below.

Message Status Types

There are main message status types in Sakari:

  • New - the message is newly created and waiting to be assigned the appropriate status
  • Sent - the message has been successfully sent to the carrier
  • Delivered - the carrier has confirmed delivery to the mobile phone handset (not all carriers provide this detail)
  • Received - this is an inbound (reply) to your message
  • Queued - the message has been sent to the carrier and we are pending an acknowledgment that it has been delivered to the contacts handset.
  • Validated - the message has been approved to send in Sakari and is pending delivery to the carrier
  • Error - the message has failed. You can view a list of the most common error codes below.
  • Invalid - your contact has invalid information (e.g. an invalid phone number)

Message Error Codes

Some of the most common error codes are:

ACCT-001 You have exceeded your free account limit
ACCT-002 Invalid plan specified
ACCT-003 Customer does not exist in payment system
ACCT-004 Unable to change plan
ACCT-005 Invalid top-up amount; the minimum amount is $10
ACCT-006 Insufficient credit available
ACCT-007 Could not find account by payment system id
ACCT-008 Account ID is invalid
ACCT-009 Account is not able to be topped-up
ACCT-010 IP Address is blocked
ACCT-011 Email domain is blocked
ACCT-012 You can only mark contacts as pre-approved on paid plans
ACCT-013 Invalid account name
ACCT-014 Plan changes must be made on the primary account
ACCT-015 Can not update this property for this integration
ACCT-016 Insufficient access to this API
ACCT-017 Account must be verified by our staff prior to upgrading/topping-up to prevent SPAM usage. A member of staff will review and contact you within 24 hours
ACCT-018 Account information used to populate anti-spam page has not been setup
ACCT-019 Invalid auto top-up amounts
ACCT-020 Account must have an active subscription
ACCT-021 User does not have access to any phone numbers or groups
ACCT-022 Gmail users cannot be added to unverified accounts
ACCT-023 Top-ups are no longer supported on Pay and Go plans. Please upgrade to a subscription plan
ACCT-024 We have detected an unusual volume of accounts created by this email domain. Please submit a ticket with our support team if you believe this is incorrect.
AUTH-001 User does not have access to specified account
AUTH-002 Non-matching account id
AUTH-003 Temporary access has expired
AUTH-004 Email is not verified
AUTH-005 User must be an administrator to access this endpoint
AUTH-006 User does not have sufficient permissions to access this endpoint
CALL-001 From field is missing
CALL-002 Destination field is missing
CAM-001 Campaign must have field mappings
CAM-002 Campaign must have a template
CAM-003 Invalid campaign id
CAM-004 Uploaded file contains no valid contacts
CAM-005 Invalid campaign request
CONT-001 Invalid mobile number
CONT-002 Invalid country
CONT-003 Invalid country for mobile number
CONT-004 Invalid contact id
CONT-005 Self-registration not supported; please enable this feature in account settings 
CONT-006 Contact is invalid
CONT-007 CSV must contain a column titled 'mobile'
CONT-008 Contact already exists
CONT-009 Invalid merge strategy
CONT-010 Contact has requested no further communication
CONT-011 No phone number supplied
CONT-012 Destination number not reachable
CONT-013 No route available to destination
CONT-014 Number is not capable of receiving SMS
CONT-015 Country is not supported for sending SMS
CONT-016 Account prohibits sending to this country
CONT-017 Number is not in service
CONT-018 Contact tracking not available
CONV-001 Invalid conversation ID
CONV-002 Unable to create conversation
CONV-003 Unable to find an available phone number
CONV-004 Contact must be specified
CONV-005 Inbound phone number is not active
DOM-001 A domain is required
DOM-002 Domain is associated with active links; remove/update them to delete domain
DOM-003 Domain already exists and is active within our system
DOM-004 Domain not found
GEN-001 No ID supplied
GEN-002 Invalid request
GEN-003 Item not found
GEN-004 Invalid ID
GEN-005 Max number of generated ids reached
GRP-001 Group not found
GRP-002 User does not have any mapped groups or phone numbers
GRP-003 Group is required
HOOK-001 Invalid webhook url
INSI-001 Start date must be a valid date
INSI-002 End date must be a valid date
INSI-003 Start date must come before or equal to today and end date
INT-001 Integration is not active
INT-002 Provider is not enabled for destination country
INT-003 Integration appears to have been disconnected
INT-004 User does not have permissions to this contact. Must be contact owner
INT-005 AirCall appears to have been disconnected
INT-006 HubSpot appears to have been disconnected
INT-007 Pipedrive appears to have been disconnected
INT-008 Unable to update Slack Notifications
INT-009 Unable to parse contact owner attributes
INT-010 Active subscription to Intercom required
INT-011 Intercom appears to have been disconnected
INT-012 Twilio appears to have been disconnected
INT-013 ActiveCampaign API Key or API URl are invalid
INT-014 Sakari does not have permission to view tickets in HubSpot
INT-015 Slack channel no longer exists or is inaccessible
INT-016 CallRail API key is no longer valid
INT-017 Slack appears to have been disconnected
INT-018 Pipedrive account is no longer active - possible expiration of trial or non-payment
INT-019 Contact does not exist
INT-020 Sakari does not have permission to add reactions to messages in Slack
INT-021 ActiveCampaign account is no longer active - possible expiration of trial or non-payment
INT-022 AirCall has not configured this number correctly for SMS
JOB-001 Too many parallel conversations requested. Upgrade your account to increase limit
JOB-002 Could not find execution
LINK-001 Short link not found
LINK-002 Destination Url required when creating or updating a short link
MSG-001 Unable to find an available phone number
MSG-002 Invalid message id
MSG-003 Could not find message
MSG-004 Could not find active conversation for message
MSG-005 Missing job id
MSG-006 Unknown provider error
MSG-007 Message is too long
MSG-008 Message marked as SPAM by carrier
MSG-009 Message prohibited by carrier
MSG-010 Missing contact ID, conversation ID or list of contacts
MSG-011 You can only send up to 100 messages. Reduce the number of contacts or create a campaign
MSG-012 This message has been identified as spam or contains images or links which are not supported on unverified trial accounts. Please contact us at to verify your account.
MSG-014 Missing message template
MSG-015 Message contains profanity and is blocked
MSG-016 The number is restricted and cannot be used to send message
MSG-017 Unable to process message
MSG-018 Message could not be routed to destination
MSG-019 Undelivered - handset was unreachable, the number was a landline, or the carrier blocked the content
MSG-020 Number is a landline and can not accept messages
MSG-021 Number is a premium rate number and can not accept messages
MSG-022 Number is a pager and can not accept messages
MSG-023 Message was rejected by carrier
MSG-024 Message appears to be a duplicate
MSG-025 Unknown provider error
MSG-026 The message timed out
MSG-027 Downstream provider failed multiple times; retry limit exceeded
MSG-028 Message delivery has been throttled; message will be retried shortly
MSG-029 Phone number has exceeded daily limits on message throughput
MSG-030 Message was destined to a prepaid mobile with insufficient funds, an invalid Postpaid number, or subscriber that opted out of SMS
MSG-031 Destination app error
MSG-032 Message has been cancelled manually
MSG-033 Carrier service failure
MSG-034 Could not download media
MSG-035 Message delivery receipt expired
MSG-036 Messaging to/from a toll-free number is blocked
MSG-037 The sent-to phone number is not associated with a carrier
MSG-038 User has opted out of communication
MSG-039 Subscriber Age Restriction
MSG-040 Message exceeds maximum cost set by provider
MSG-041 MMS is not supported for destination country
MSG-042 Provider does not support MMS
MSG-043 Free URL shorteners are blocked in the United States and Canada
MSG-044 Unable to send message to a short code
MSG-045 Too many messages have been sent between two numbers within a short time period
MSG-046 Outbound number is not usable by Sakari
MSG-047 Carrier does not support SMS or file type
MSG-048 Attachment is too large
MSG-049 Message has expired
MSG-050 Destination carrier requires sender ID pre-registration
MSG-057 Sent over daily limit for your 10DLC brand. Please contact for more information
MSG-058 Phone number has exceeded daily limits on message throughput. Please submit a toll free verification request
MSG-061 Messaging on unverified toll free numbers is prohibited
MSG-062 Message may contain prohibited content. Contact for assistance
NMBR-001 Invalid phone number type
NMBR-002 Unsupported country for purchasing phone number
NMBR-003 Outbound number does not support SMS
NMBR-004 Outbound number is not active
NOTIF-001 Specify notification types to delete
PN-001 Phone number does not support destination country
PN-002 Phone number does not exist
PN-003 Phone number has been ported to another provider
PN-004 Can not enable hosted messaging on trial accounts
PN-005 Can not enable mobile numbers
PN-006 Phone number is already verified
PN-007 This type of phone number can not be added to pass through plans
PN-008 Only numbers from US or Canada can be enabled
PN-009 Call forwarding is not supported on trial accounts
PN-010 Currently we do not support the requested country
PN-011 We do not support self-service issuance of numbers for this country. Please raise a ticket at
PN-012 Line type is not supported in this country
REG-001 Brand is not associated with this account.  Please register with 10DLC.
REG-002 Messaging to US numbers is prohibited without 10DLC registration. Please contact to start your submission
REG-003 Messaging to US numbers will be prohibited without 10DLC registration from June 1st, 2022. Please contact to start your submission
REG-012 Messaging to is prohibited on unverified toll free numbers. Verify your Toll Free Number from the Senders page
REG-014 Contact must be opted in prior to sending a message while sender is on 10DLC Free Trial
A maximum of 10 opted in contacts can be messaged while sender is on 10DLC Free Trial
TEMP-001 Could not find template
TEMP-002 Invalid template type for rendering web page
TEMP-003 Invalid template type
TEMP-004 Invalid template
TOOLS-001 Messages count must be same as outgoing length
TOOLS-002 Please supply a valid number
TOOLS-003 Please supply a valid country code
TOOLS-004 Maximum of 10 urls to shorten
TOOLS-005 Unable to upload file
TOOLS-006 Missing file to upload
USER-001 Unable to send password reset email
USER-002 Can not remove yourself from this account
USER-003 User does not have access to this account
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