MSG-057 Error - Sent over daily limit for your 10DLC brand

What does the MSG-057 Error mean?

If a message you sent is not delivered to the end device and returns a MSG-057 error code, this indicates that you have hit your current daily messaging limit for your 10DLC brand with T-Mobile. 

When Sakari registers your 10DLC Brand and Campaign with the Campaign Registry your business receives a score which corresponds with a daily messaging limit.  Based on your supplied Brand information each carrier applies daily messaging limits, usually T-Mobile is the lightest of them all. 

What can I do to raise my messaging limit?

We can apply your brand for additional vetting.  There is a one-time $40 USD fee to do this.  This does not guarantee a raise in your daily messaging limit.

Please contact the Sakari support team to have your additional vetting applied to your brand by emailing

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