US and Canadian Toll-Free Phone Number Verification Guide

US/CA Toll-Free Phone Number Registration

Before proceeding with your application, please read the article 'US/CA Toll-Free Phone Number FAQ'

Go to the Senders section to register your toll-free number(s).  Click 'Register'
under the 'Compliance' column for the number you wish to register.


Section 1 - Business and Contact Info

Here's where you enter your business contact information to link the submission to your business.

Business Website:  This field may be completed automatically; feel free to edit it.

The 'Next' button highlights when all required fields have been completed.


Section 2 - Campaign Details


The term 'Campaign' is a catch-all.  It refers to all messaging sent from the number: 1:1, bulk, automated, marketing, and transactional messages.

This is where you describe the overall use case for SMS, a general description of the messaging and how you'll collect the consent of the contacts you're sending messages to.  Please only state the information relevant to the number(s) you're applying to verify.

Please choose a category that most closely relates to why you're sending messages, what they contain and who you're sending them to.

Then, describe your campaign.  This should ideally include:

  • a description of the recipients (e.g. employees, customers, franchisees, etc.)
  • the reason for sending them messages
  • what prompts these messages to be sent
  • the information likely to be contained in the messages
  • the frequency of the messages
  • the expected outcome of sending them messages

Please use complete sentences where possible and a minimum of 25/maximum of 500 characters.


SMS opt-in

The registration of messaging from US/CA Toll-Free numbers requires evidence of SMS opt-in.  Please see our article US and Canada Messaging Campaign Best Practices

The carriers need you to prove that you're providing your contacts with an explicit, unconditional and specific choice to consent (or not) to receiving SMS from your organisation.  You need to provide this through one or more of the following methods: 

  • Website form: a web form where the client adds a number and explicitly agrees to receive SMS
  • Website posting: when the number is advertised and/or the customer can find the number to text in
  • Keyword or QR code: when the customer finds a keyword to send to a number
  • Voice/IVR: where the customer states their opt-in verbally or by selecting an IVR option (requires a record in your database/CRM (i.e. a checkbox saying that the customer opted in and the date))
  • 2FA/OTP
  • Paper form

'How opt-in is collected?' You can select the option which matches how you provide opt-in.  The guidance in the next section of the form will change depending on your answer.

'Please provide supporting information on how opt-in is collected:'

Describe the step-by-step process or 'flow' for how the contacts for this campaign give you their consent to receive SMS.  Where relevant, please include:

  • direct links to websites/contact forms
  • SMS keywords that will be used

Please use as much detail as possible.  Use a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 500 characters.

'Please upload/drag and drop an image supporting your opt-in process:'

Usually, this is a screenshot of a web form or a .jpg file of a flyer/website pop-out that contains your Sakari number (and a keyword if used).  If you provide a verbal, IVR or 2FA method for SMS opt-in, upload a screenshot of how consent is recorded in your CRM system or similar software.

If you feel (or have been advised by Sakari) that more than one image is necessary, you can upload further images at the end of Section 3.

The 'Next' button highlights when all required fields have been completed.


Section 3 - Sample Messages

Provide 1 to 3 sample messages which align with the descriptions provided earlier in the form.

Please ensure the total character count of all three messages is at most 500 characters.


Lastly, add any other images you feel are necessary to support your application.  This step is optional.


Click 'Submit' - you'll see this page if your application was successful:

V2 Registration Success Page.png

If you don't see the success page, receive an error message, or something else seems wrong, please do not submit your application again.  Instead, please reach out to Sakari Support at

Thank you!

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