How to Add Messaging Credit Automatically

Adding Messaging Credits Automatically

If your account falls negative, your outbound messages will fail to send.  You have the ability to add additional messaging credits automatically, or manually, and you will pay the same rate per segment as your current plan. 

You can learn more about our pricing here: Sakari Pricing



Automatic top-ups are limited to 5 in any 24 period.  This is in place to ensure that your account does not have an out-of-control workflow.  There are no restrictions around manual account top-ups.

To enable automatic top-up on your account:

  • In the left navigation select Settings > Plan & Billing
  • Select the General tab
  • Ensure that the Auto Top Up setting is enabled
  • Select your preferred amounts
    • Below Amount - what amount will trigger the auto-replenishment to run
    • Add Amount - how much additional credit will be added


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