Add Messaging Credit Automatically (Auto Top-up)


Use Auto Top-Up to ensure you have enough credit to send your messages by automatically adding more credit to your account when your messaging credit falls below a certain level.  You will pay the same rate per segment as your current messaging plan.


Auto Top-Up is limited to 5 executions in 24 hours to protect against out-of-control workflows.  Should this limit be reached, no more credit will be added to your account.


If the Auto Top-Up limit is reached and your Auto-Top Up Below Amount is set to $0:

  • No more messages will be sent
  • All outbound message requests will be suspended until credit is added
  • Received messages will still be charged (see Negative credit below)

Configure Auto Top-Up

  • In the left navigation, select Settings > Plan & Billing
  • Select the General tab
  • Ensure that the Auto Top-Up setting is turned on
  • Select your preferred amounts
    • Below Amount - the credit balance at which Auto Top-Up is triggered
    • Add Amount - the amount of additional credit that will be added

The default settings for Auto Top-Up are:

  • Below Amount: $0 US
  • Add Amount: $10 US


  • Set the Auto Top-Up Below Amount above $0 to help avoid falling into negative credit
  • Set the Auto Top-Up Add Amount higher than the Auto Top-Up Below Amount

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 11.10.46 AM.png

Negative credit

The charges for received messages are always applied to your account.  When a $0 balance prevents outbound messages from being sent, received message charges will accumulate and be represented by a negative credit balance.

A negative credit balance is automatically cleared the next time you add credit (manually or automatically) by adding the negative balance amount to the top-up amount.

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