Adding, Editing, and Managing Contacts


When connecting your Sakari Account to an Integration (e.g. HubSpot) your Contacts will be automatically synced to Sakari but you also have the option to manually create a Contact if needed.

This can be done in two ways:

  • Individually - Add a single Contact to your account
  • Bulk - Add Multiple Contacts to your account by importing a CSV file

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Add Contact Manually (individually)

  • In the left navigation select Contacts > Add contacts
  • Select Add Manually to create a single contact

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Contact Fields

    • Mobile* Number - Default (required)
    • First Name - Default
    • Last Name - Default
    • Email - Default

Any additional contact fields are configured as Custom Attributes. These must be configured prior to adding your contact(s).

Editing a Contact

  • In the left navigation select Contacts
  • Click on the relevant Contact

From the contact card, you can:

  • Update fields
  • Add Contact to a List
  • Send a Message
  • Block Contact
  • Delete the Contact. 


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If applicable, you will also see the Integration associated with your Contact

Bulk Import / Bulk Edit Contacts

CSV Contacts Upload Tempate

Download our CSV Template to help you expedite this upload process: CSV Contacts Upload Template 

How to Upload CSV

  • In the left navigation select Contacts > Add contacts
  • Select Import CSV to upload a list of multiple Contacts at once
  • Map the Sakari contact fields to the column headers in your file upload
  • Exclude any attributes / column headers that you do not want or do not have provided in this upload

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CSV Upload Requirements

The file needs to have a minimum of the following two mandatory columns:

  • Mobile: the phone number you wish to send the message to.
  • Country: the 2-character country code of the number you wish to send the message to (e.g. if you are sending to an American number, type "US")

Please check the following before uploading your CSV file:

  • Make sure you're uploading a CSV (not XLS or XLSX) file
  • Make sure your field header names have no spaces
  • Make sure you include a country code column with the ISO 2 country code for each row (e.g. US, CA, GB etc.)

Contact Attributes

Attributes can be used to dynamically to input text in messages, or as conditions in campaigns to filter your contacts or lists.

Attributes are configured as either text or an number (integers only).

Default Fields

  • Phone Number (required)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Any additional contact fields must be added as custom attributes.


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