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When manually creating, viewing, or editing a contact within your Sakari account, you will be introduced to the Contact Card module.

Accessing the Contact Card

Whenever you create a Contact or click on a Contact record in the Contacts panel, the Contact Card will pop up on the right-hand side of the screen:


You can also access the Contact card from a message.

From a message

  • In the Inbox, select the Conversation
  • Click the contact card drawer arrow

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Contact Attributes

Contact Attributes are:

  • associated with each contact
  • used to map fields in your contact imports
  • used dynamically to input text in messages via tokens
  • used as Conditions in Campaigns to filter your contacts or lists

Every Contact in Sakari has four core attributes:

  • Mobile* Number (required)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Additional contact data fields are optional and can be added.  They're called Custom Attributes and must be created before adding Contacts.

Contact Card Actions

Within the Contact Card, you can send messages and emails directly or add/remove the Contact from a List or Lists.  You can also block and delete the Contact.

Send a message

Click the 'speech bubble' icon to send the Contact a message.


Send an email

The email icon will appear if the Contact has an email address in Sakari.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 11.48.42.png

Click the icon to open your default email client.

Add to List

Contact Lists allow you to organize and group your contacts easily.  Lists can be used in your Sakari messaging Campaigns, as well as workflows.

  • In Lists, click Add To List
  • Select the List you want to add the Contact to 


To block or delete a Contact from the Contact card, open the options via the three dots on the top right-hand side:


Block Contact

When a Contact is blocked in Sakari, they are blocked at the carrier level from receiving any further messages from you until/unless they text in an Opt-In Keyword.  Please see this article for more information: Sakari Support for Opt-Out Keywords

Delete Contact

Permanently deletes a contact from your Sakari account.  All SMS Conversations with the number on the Contact Card will also be Archived.

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