How To Identify Landline Phone Numbers in HubSpot

How to flag landline phone numbers in HubSpot.

NOTE:This workflow requires the use of the phone number verification add-on feature from Sakari. This can be turned on in your Sakari Account Settings.


Sakari will return unique error codes when a phone number has been identified as a landline phone number.   By proactively identifying a landline phone number, you can request a new phone number from your contact, or use alternate methods to communicate with your contact. 

In this article we'll walk through how to automatically identify landline phone numbers for contacts using the HubSpot CRM.



1. Create a new HubSpot custom attribute. 

Create a new custom contact properties HubSpot attribute with a date picker field type.  In our example, we called the field 'NonMobileNumberDate', but it can be called whatever you'd like. 




2. Create a new contact-based workflow from scratch.  Set the enrollment trigger using "Sakari: SMS Sent" where the Error Code is equal to any of "CONT-014" (remove the quotes).  The error code of "CONT-014" corresponds with an invalid mobile phone number type.

Turn re-enrollment on.




3. Now we will configure the workflow action to update our custom attribute.  Click the "+" icon to add an action.  

Select the Contact Properties action of "Set contact property value." 

NOTE: be sure not to select the simliar company properties update value.


Find your custom contact property in the pulldown field.  Select a new property value of "Date of step."  Save the action.

Give you workflow a name, turn it on, and you're done.  Now when a phone number is identified as being a landline phone number, your custom contact attribute will automatically be updated with the date of the action (see example image below). 


Example of NonMobileNumberDate populated on a contact record: 


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