Add a Number


To add a new number to your account, click "Add Sender" at the top of your screen.

You will have the option to:

  • Buy Number - Register a new number through Sakari and one of it's providers
  • Bring Your Own - Use an existing number that you own (Hosted Messaging, Landline / VOIP Text Enablement)
  • Import Number - Use an existing number that you own but is configured with a different service
    • Importable numbers include: Twilio, Aircall, Cradle, CallRail

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Buy a Number

Getting Started

  • Navigate to your Senders page
  • Click Add Sender in the top right corner of your screen
  • Select Buy Number

Local (US and Canada)

A Local US & CA Number can be purchased through the Senders tab under 'Add Senders'. You can choose to filter by an Area Code, Zip Code, or just by search for a numbers that 'Contains' a specific sequence of numbers.



You will also want to be sure to complete a 10DLC Registration for your Local US or CA Number if you're planning on messaging to the US.

10 DLC Registration is not necessary if messaging exclusively from a CA to another CA Local Number.

US Local (10DLC) Phone Number Registration


Mobile (Non-US / Canada)

You can purchase a Mobile Number for a specific country through the Senders tab under 'Add Senders'. 




Depending on your selection (e.g. Spain, Germany, France, etc.) you may need to complete an additional Business registration step which is required by certain countries.


Toll Free Number (US / Canada)

Purchase a Dedicated Toll-Free Number directly through the Senders tab under 'Add Senders'. You can choose either the US or Canada as well as purchase multiple Toll-Free Numbers at the same time.



T‍oll-Free numbers always start with one of the following area codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833, so may not the best option if you’re planning to engage a local audience. 

Note: Verification is required for any Toll-Free number(s): US Toll-Free Phone Number Registration


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