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By default, as a technology, Alphanumeric Sender IDs do not support message replies when a text message is sent.

For these situations, we offer the Sakari Universal Reply feature.  Universal Reply adds a unique link to your text message, and the contact navigates to a simple web form to reply.  You will receive the reply in Sakari as if it were a regular message.

With Universal Reply you can receive replies to your messages using Alphanumeric Sender ID numbers.

Enable Universal Reply

For messages sent from an Alphanumeric Sender ID

  • Navigate to Senders
  • Select the Sender ID configured on the account
  • Click the checkbox next to Universal Reply
  • Click Save in the top right corner of the screen

Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 15.15.02.png

What will my contact see?

  • When your contact receives this message, they will see a standard SMS with a note to "tap to reply" and a link:


  • When the recipient taps the link, a web form opens with the conversation history:


  • The recipient can type a reply and tap Send:


  • If successful, this page will be displayed. The user can now close this window.


  • You will see the reply on your Sakari Dashboard, integrations and mobile app.


Reply links in non-Sender ID messages

You may prefer to include a reply link in a message sent from a two-way (regular) telephone number.

Type your message as you usually would.  Where you want to insert the link to reply, include the token {{{allowReply}}}. This will be replaced with the link when you send the message.

Note: This only works in the Sakari Dashboard. When used directly in other integrations, it will be replaced simply with a blank space.

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