Alphanumeric Sender ID Replies

By default, as a technology, Alphanumeric Sender IDs do not support message replies when a text message is sent.

For these situations, we offer the Sakari Universal Reply feature. Using Universal Reply, a unique link is added to your text message that allows the contact to navigate to a simple web form to reply. You will receive the reply in Sakari exactly as if it was a regular message.

This way, you can use Alphanumeric Sender ID numbers and still receive replies to your messages.


How do I enable Universal Reply?

There are two ways to enable Universal Reply, depending on your use cases.


On all messages sent from an Alphanumeric Sender ID:

1. Open the account settings by clicking on the cog on the top right of the Dashboard.



2. Next to the Alphanumeric Sender ID number, click on the pencil icon to edit the number.



3. Activate the "Universal Reply" option. Please note that you are not able to forward this number.



4. Type your message as you normally would and click Send.




On a single message sent from any number:

1. Type your message as you normally would. Where you want to insert a link to reply, include {{{allowReply}}}. This will be replaced with a link when you send the message.

Please note: This only works in the Sakari Dashboard. When used directly in other integrations, it will be replaced simply with a blank space.



What will my contact see?

1. When your contact receives this message, they will see a normal SMS with a note to "tap to reply" and a link.



2. When the recipient taps the link, a web form opens with the conversation history.



3. The recipient can then type a reply and tap "Send".



4. If successful, this page will be displayed. The user can now close this window.



5. You will see the reply on your Sakari Dashboard, integrations and mobile app.



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