Populate the HubSpot Total SMS Sent and Received Properties


How can I populate the HubSpot Total SMS Send and Received properties?



When you link your Sakari account with HubSpot, Sakari will automatically create two new HubSpot properties: 

  • SMS Received Quantity
  • SMS Sent Quantity

By default, the values are not populated, just the property is created.  A workflow is needed to  populate these properties. 


Setting Up the Workflow

NOTE: This article walks through the setup of the SMS Received Quantity property. The same steps are used for the SMS Sent Quantity property by changing the triggering contact property and updated contact property.

1. In HubSpot, in the top navigation go to Automation > Workflows

2. Click the Create Workflow button in the top right. 

3. Select: Contact-Based > Start from Scratch.  Click "Create Workflow" button.

4. Click the Set enrollment triggers button.

5. Select a workflow trigger of Contact Properties

6. Select the contact property of Message Received ID as the trigger criteria with a value of is known.

Click the Apply Filter button. 

7. Click the "Re-enrollment" tab.  Make sure both boxes are checked on.

8. Click "Save."

9. Now you've completed your trigger, and you can select your available actions.  Actions will be completed each time the triggering event occurs. 

10. Add an action of Increase or decrease property. Select the Contact property of SMS Received Quantity with a numeric value of 1.  

Once configured, each time a text message is received, the property of SMS Received Quantity will be increased by 1. 





11. Name your workflow, review it and you're done. 



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