Create a HubSpot SMS Template


Create SMS text messaging templates in HubSpot to quickly reply to your contacts.



1. In HubSpot, go to any contact record. 

2. Click the Sakari "Send SMS" button to open the Sakari text messaging interface.

3. Type your desired message template in the Message field box.  This template can include static text, HubSpot tokens, links and emojis.

Acceptable fields: 

  • Static text 
  • HubSpot contact tokens - add HubSpot contact tokens using the internal field name with three opening and closing curly brackets (a.k.a. "squiggly") "{" like this: {{{firstname}}}
  • Emojis - paste your emojis 😀
  • Website Links - add website links (e.g.,,


SMS Template Example



PRO TIP: Here's how to find the HubSpot internal field name for any property: How to Find the HubSpot Internal Field Names



4. Click the Templates icon.template-2.png


5. Click the Save icon.


6. Give your template a name. Click Save.




Here are some examples of the most commonly used tokens.  Looking for another field?  You'll use the HubSpot internal field name.


First Name 

How to add the contact's first name: {{{firstname}}}

Last Name 

How to add the contact's last name: {{{lastname}}}

Email Address 

How to add the contact's email address: {{{email}}}

Company Name 

How to add the contact's Company name: {{{company}}}

Contact Owner Full Name 

How to add the Contact Owner's full name: {{{}}}

Contact Owner First Name 

How to add the Contact Owner's first name: {{{owner.firstName}}}

Contact Owner Email 

How to add the Contact Owner's email: {{{}}}

Date and Time of a contact property 

In this example, the "createdate" is the internal field name of the property you want to include.

Date and time of a HubSpot contact property: 
{{{ formatDate createdate 'MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm a' 'America/Los_Angeles hh:mm a' }}}
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