Automating and Bulk Sending Messages with Pipedrive

Today Pipedrive does not allow integration partners to embed within their automations.  As a workaround, Zapier automations can be used.  With Zapier, when a specific triggering event occurs, an automatic action (sending a text message) can occur. 


The available triggers in Zapier for Pipedrive are: 

  • New Lead
  • New Activity
  • New Deal
  • New Person
  • New Note
  • New Organization
  • Organization Matching Filter
  • Activity Matching Filter
  • Person Matching Filter
  • Deal Matching Filter
  • Updated Deal
  • Updated Deal Stage
  • Updated Organization
  • Updated Person


Example: Sending a Text Message When a New Lead is Created


1. Trigger/Action setup. A typical configuration will look like this. 



2.  Connect your Pipedrive account. 




3. Connect your Sakari account.


4. Configure the automation. A typical setup is included below. 




5. Save your Zap and you're done! 


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