Send an image message (MMS) from HubSpot


You can add images to your messages in HubSpot and send them as an MMS. There are different ways of doing this, depending on whether you are sending a message to one contact from the Contact, Deal, or Ticket view or to many contacts using Workflows.


Supported image formats are: .jpg, .png, gif. The recommended image file size is no more than 500kb.


MMS messaging is currently only supported in the United States and Canada.  To send MMS to other countries, please check out Universal MMS.


Aircall numbers imported through the Aircall integration do not support sending or receiving MMS.  You can add MMS support by hosting the number with Sakari.


Some carriers will filter MMS that do not include text, so we recommend including some text with your image. The required text can be as minor as a period.

From the Contact, Deal, or Ticket Views

  • Open the Sakari Send SMS popup from your Contact, Deal, or Ticket. 


  • Next to the Message box, click on Add Attachment (represented by a paper clip)


  • Drag and drop the file to the box or click to open the file explorer and select a file.


  • Complete your message and click Send (represented by the white arrow).


From a Workflow

We also support sending additional media from Workflows, by configuring the "Send SMS" workflow action options. Please see this article for more details: Understand the HubSpot "Send SMS" Workflow Action Options

The media field is used to send text messages with an image (MMS messages).  The image can be linked in two different ways: 

Hardcoded and HubSpot Token Examples

In the token example, this contact property should be an image URL that is publicly available.


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