How to Create a Pipedrive SMS Template


How can I create text messaging templates in Pipedrive to quickly send messages to my contacts? 



This can be done using SMS templates using the Sakari Pipedrive integration. 


Setup Steps

1. In Pipedrive, go to any contact record. 

2. Click the Sakari "Conversations" button to open the Sakari text messaging interface. A new window will pop up.




3. Type your desired message template in the Message field box.  This template can include static text, Pipedrive contact tokens, links and emojis.

Acceptable fields: 

  • Static text 
  • Pipedrive contact tokens - add Pipedrive contact tokens using the Pipedrive field name with opening and closing curly brackets (a.k.a. "squiggly") "{" like this: {{{first_name}}}
  • Emojis - paste your emojis 😀
  • Website Links - add website links (e.g.,,


SMS Template Example



4. Click the Templates icon.



5. Click the Save icon.


6. Give your template a name. Click Save.



There is a new setting (not pictured) under 'Private'; only the creator will have access to the template when turned on.


Here are some examples of the most commonly used tokens:

First Name 

How to add the contacts first name: {{{first_name}}}

Last Name 

How to add the contacts last name: {{{last_name}}}

Full Name 

How to add the contacts full name: {{{name}}}

Contact Owner Full Name

How to add the contact owners full name: {{{owner_name}}}

Organization Name 

How to add the contacts Organization name: {{{org_name}}}
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