Norway (NO)

Country specific features and restrictions for Norway.

Available Phone Number Types

  • Sakari-provided NO Mobile number. 
  • Sakari-provided sender IDs.  For more information on sender IDs, please see: Sender ID Requirements


Mobile-Number Support

We are not able to send text messages from your existing mobile phone number.


Business Mobile Number Application Requirements

Information Required Documentation Required Acceptable Documentation (One of the following)

Business Name

Proof of Identity

  • Business registration

Business Address

May be anywhere in the world

Proof of Address

  • Business registration showing the address
  • Utility bill

Business Registration Number

Proof of Identity

  • Business registration

Name of Authorized Representative 

Proof of Identity

  • Government-issued ID with picture
  • Passport

Authorization of Authorized Representative

Proof that representative is authorized to act on behalf of the company

  • Power of attorney
  • Other official documentation such as the commercial registry identifying the person as a country manager and an authorized representative 
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