Quick Send (from any page)


Send a single message from Sakari anytime, from any page, with Sakari Quick Send.

Using Quick Send

To use Quick Send:

  • Look for the lightning icon in the bottom right-hand corner of any page in Sakari:

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 16.02.17.png

  • Hover over the icon until it changes to the messaging icon:

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 16.04.36.png

  • Click to open the message configurator
  1. Select the Group that contains the Sender you want to send your message from
    • if you're just starting out with Sakari, select My First Group
  2. Search for and select the Contacts you want to send to
    • Send a group message by adding multiple contacts to this field
  3. Create your message

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 16.09.48.png

Available actions

Insert an image

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 16.35.58.png

  • Creates a multimedia message (MMS)


Supported image formats are: .jpg, .png, gif. The recommended image file size is no more than 500kb.


MMS messaging is currently only supported in the United States and Canada.  To send MMS to other countries, please check out Universal MMS.


Aircall numbers imported through the Aircall integration do not support sending or receiving MMS.  You can add MMS support by hosting the number with Sakari.

Insert a template

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 16.29.16.png

Insert a short link

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 16.30.21.png

  • Convert a long link to a supported short link to help save on messaging costs and improve deliverability
  • For more information, please see Use Shortened URL Links

AI Assistant

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 16.31.35.png

  • Describe the message you need and let our AI assistant come up with up to 3 different examples for you to choose from


Insert contact attributes

  • Use tokens based on available Contact Attributes to personalize your message to each recipient

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 16.32.31.png


  • Choose when the message will be sent to the recipient

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 16.18.11.png

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