How to Create a Sakari Sub-Account


You can configure multiple Sakari accounts if you have separate brands or businesses that you wish to manage with individual Sakari accounts.

The same Sakari User profile can be associated with multiple Sakari accounts and toggle between them. 

Create an additional Sakari Account

When your User login is already associated with a Sakari account, you can add and provision additional Sakari accounts.

Sakari accounts can be created from the main account page or when signed into another Sakari account.

From the main Account page

To create an account from the main Sakari Account page:

  • Sign into Sakari with your email
  • Select Create Account

Mouse_Highlight_Overlay (2).png

When signed into another Sakari account

  • In the left navigation, select Settings > Switch Account
  • Select the Add Account button


Toggle between accounts

When your user profile features on multiple accounts, you can toggle between them here:

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