Profile Settings


Profile Settings is where the details of your individual User profile are stored and edited.  Only the logged-in user can access these settings; other Users' profiles cannot be accessed here.

Access Profile Settings

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Profile Settings


Profile Settings view

Profile Settings is separated into three tabs:

  • General - view and make changes to your User profile
  • Security - reset your password
  • Notifications - create personal notifications of inbound SMS


Use the General tab to:

  • Change the First and Last Name of your user profile
  • Change your telephone number


The telephone number in your Profile is NOT the one from which you will send messages in Sakari.  It is only used to verify your identity and (if configured) to receive notifications of inbound SMS by SMS alert.


  • Your email address cannot be edited, as all permissions in Sakari are email-based.  To add a User profile with a new or different email address, please see Add, Manage, and Remove Users


  • To re-set your password, click Reset Your Password

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