Setup Received Message Notifications (Email, SMS, Desktop)


There are a variety of options on how to get notified when a new text message has been received, this article will focus on the three notification options generated within Sakari itself, which are email, text message and browser notifications. 

Notifications Options

You can select SMS, Email or Slack:

  • Email - this will send an email to your user email address (from your user profile) when a new text message is received.  When using Email notifications, these emails support Email to SMS.  When you respond to the email, that reply will be sent as a text message to the contact.
  • SMS - this will send a text message to your personal phone number (from your user profile) when a new text message is received.
  • Browser - this will create a desktop notification within your web browser.  Please be sure you have enabled permissions. 

HubSpot and Slack Notifications

Looking to create notifications directly in HubSpot, or through Slack?   Please see these articles:

Setting up Sakari Notifications

  • In the left navigation select Settings > Notifications
  • Select the notification options you want to enable 
  • Save

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