Campaign Report


Sakari offers reports that allow you to see messaging reports on your campaigns. You can view reports for executed campaigns under the Campaigns page.


  • Navigate to the Campaigns page
  • Select the campaign you want to see details for. You can also search for the campaign by name, or sort the page by date created or last executed
  • Click the drop down button to the far right of the campaign

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 2.21.56 PM.png

You’ll now be able to see information about your campaign such as how many contacts it was sent to, the success/failure rate, price, and status. If your campaign has been executed multiple times, you will see an entry for each execution.

A detailed campaign report can be downloaded under “Report.”

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The bar chart will display message delivery information about the most recent execution. Hover over the columns to see more information about what the term means.

Campaign Reports Glossary

  • Executed At: the date and time that the campaign was executed
  • Submitted: the total number of contacts the campaign was sent to
  • Failures: the number of 
  • Price: the cost of the campaign
  • Status: 
  • Report: download button for a detailed report on the campaign
  • Processing: messages processing to be sent
  • In transit: messages in transit with the carrier
  • Sent: messages sent or delivered
  • Errors: messages that returned an error or were not received
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