Send a Text Message from a HubSpot Ticket

How to Send a Text Message from a HubSpot Ticket


1. In HubSpot, go to any ticket. 

2. Click the Sakari "Action" or  "Send SMS" button to open the Sakari text messaging interface.

Pro Tip: If you have two or more contacts on the ticket with phone numbers, you will see the action button which will allow you to select which contact you want to send a text message to. If you have just a single contact you will see the "Send SMS" button.

3. Type your desired message (or use a HubSpot messaging template) in the Message field box.  This template can include static text, HubSpot tokens, links and emojis.

Acceptable fields: 

  • Static text 
  • HubSpot contact tokens - add HubSpot contact tokens using the internal field name with three opening and closing curly brackets (a.k.a. "squiggly") "{" like this: {{{firstname}}}
  • Emojis - paste your emojis 😀
  • Website Links - add website links (e.g.,,


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