Create and Manage Groups


Use Groups to manage your Users' access to messaging on a specific Sender in Sakari.

Create a Group

  • Navigate to Groups via the left navigation bar menu
  • Click Create Group in the top right corner

You'll then see this panel, where you can:

  • name your Group
  • add and remove Senders
  • add and remove Users
  • add and remove Tags


Group Name

The Group name will be displayed to Users in Sakari and via an integration.

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 12.37.44.png

  • Add a name for your Group


The Sender will be associated with the Group.

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 12.30.28.png

  • Click the dropdown and select a Sender
  • Only Senders not already in a Group will be available to select


Only Users you add to the Group can view Conversations and send messages from the Sender you have added.

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 12.39.09.png

  • Click the dropdown to add the Users that should have access to this Group
  • You can also use this field to search by name or email address (full or partial)

Users will not appear here until they have accepted the email invitation to join Sakari.

Tags (optional)

You may need to add a Tag if you use HubSpot Deal Workflows and have more than one Sender/Group. Tags are used to select which phone number is used to send a HubSpot workflow. Please see the Run As field in HubSpot article to learn more.

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 12.42.41.png

  • If a Tag is required, we recommend using at least one Tag that matches the Group name
  • Enter your Tag and click the + to add it to the Group


  • Click Save to create the Group
  • If you've added your own User profile to the Group, you will see the Group in the Inbox dropdown (you may need to search).
  • You can now send, receive and see messages using the number in the Group


Additional Settings

Shared Pool Fallback

When activated, Shared Pool Fallback will use numbers from a pool owned by Sakari to send your messages when:

  • sending a message to a country not supported by the number in the Group (see Enable or Disable Destination Countries for Phone Number)
  • the Sender in the Group is not Active or otherwise incapable of sending messages
  • a User attempts to send a message from this Group via an integration and is not a member of the Group

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 12.51.44.png

  • Messages sent from numbers in the Shared Pool will appear in 'Unassigned' in the Inbox

Auto Responders

Sakari can enable automatic responses for your dedicated Sakari phone number(s) and are configured by Group.  Please see Create and Manage Auto Responders for more information.

Office Hours

A Group's Office Hours control the hours between which an Auto Responder (if set up) will be active on the number in your Group.  They must be configured in order to use the 'In office' and 'Out of office' options for an Auto-Responder.  Please see Create and Manage Auto Responders for more information.

Manage Groups

You can edit all of these settings for an existing Group by opening the Group from the main Groups panel.  Please remember to click Save when you're finished.

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