Create and Manage Auto Responders


Sakari can enable automatic responses for your dedicated Sakari phone number and are configured by Group.

Using auto responders, anytime a text message is received that meets your conditional rules, a pre-formatted automatic response can be sent within seconds.

Auto-responders are a great way to let your contacts know you'll be in touch, or to automate the sending of personalized information.

Create and Manage Auto Responders

To create or manage your auto responders:

  • Click into Groups
  • Select the Auto Responders tab

Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 4.01.25 PM.png


Group Auto-Responders allow you to trigger a specific message based on either any incoming message or a specific keyword


Craft a custom response for your auto responder or insert a template


You can also choose a specific time/schedule for when this Auto-Responder can be triggered:

  • In office - Triggers during your Group's Office Hours only
  • Out of office - Triggers during non-Group Office Hours only
  • Always - Triggers for any incoming message at any time
  • Custom - A unique schedule can be created that ignores your Group's Office Hours

Groups - Auto Responder with Custom Hours:



Set Office Hours

When using the In office & and Out of office options in your Group Auto-Responder you'll first need to set-up your Group's Office Hours:



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