Create and Manage Auto Responders


Auto Responders enable automatic responses from your dedicated Sakari phone number and are configured by Group.

Using Auto Responders, anytime a text message that meets your conditional rules is received, a pre-formatted automatic response can be sent within seconds.

Auto Responders are a great way to let your contacts know you'll be in touch, or to automate sending personalized information.

Create Auto Responders

To create an Auto Responder:

  • Go to the Groups section
  • Click on the required Group
  • Select the Auto Responders tab
  • Click Create Auto Responder to reveal the following:


Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 10.10.59.png

Create a trigger

You can trigger a specific message based on either:

  • any inbound message
  • a specific keyword

If using a keyword:

  • The Auto-Responder will trigger when the single keyword is received (not as part of a message)
  • Keyword matching is non-case-sensitive
  • Avoid using carrier-based keywords such as STOP, START or CANCEL
    • These words will also trigger an automated response from the carrier and will affect your contact's ability to receive messages from you

Write a Custom Message

  • Craft a custom response for your Auto Responder.  You can insert a template, link, image and Contact Attributes.

Create a schedule (Send during)

You can choose a specific time/schedule for when this Auto Responder will triggered:

  • In office - Triggers during your Group's Office Hours only
  • Out of office - Triggers during non-Group Office Hours only
  • Always - Triggers for any incoming message at any time
  • Custom - A unique schedule can be created that ignores your Group's Office Hours

Groups - Auto Responder with Custom Hours:



Set Office Hours

When using the In office & and Out of office options in your Group Auto Responder, you'll first need to set-up your Group's Office Hours:



Manage Auto Responders

To manage your auto responders:

  • Go to the Groups section
  • Click on the required Group
  • Select the Auto Responders tab

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