How to Use SMS Templates in the Sakari Mobile App

You can now send messages with our reusable SMS templates directly in the Sakari mobile application. These templates eliminate the need to re-type messages and allow you to send a text message in just a few seconds.


1. Make sure you are logged into your Sakari mobile application.


2. Select the account that you want to use under Accounts. This will take you to Conversations where you can select an existing conversation or start a new one.


3. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see this icon for Templates.




4. When you click the icon, it will pull a list of templates that have been created in your Sakari dashboard. To learn how to create an SMS template in Sakari, visit this help article. 




5. Select a template you'd like to use for your text message. Click the Copy icon in the top right corner to copy the template over into the messaging conversation.


6. That exact message will copy over and auto-populate into your contact conversation screen. Click the blue Send button to send the message.

4.png          5.jpeg


You've now sent a message in the Sakari mobile application with our SMS templates!


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