How to Send Shopify Abandoned Cart SMS Messages





1. Login or create your account at Zapier:


2. Create a new Zap. 


3.  Configuration:

  • Trigger: Shopify > New Abandoned Cart in Shopify
  • Action: Sakari > Send Message

4.  Configure the Shopify trigger by logging in to your account and loading a test example. 


5. Configure your Sakari action. 

  • Account - The Sakari account you'll be sending from
  • Phone Number Group - the phone number group your message will send from.  This feature requires a dedicated number with Sakari.
  • Mobile - the phone number you'll be sending a text message to.  This should be the Shopify phone token field.
  • First Name - this should be the Shopify First Name token field.
  • Last Name - this should be the Shopify Last Name token field.
  • Email - this should be the Shopify email token field.
  • Message - the message you will be sending. 



5. Save your Zap and turn it on.

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