What is a rich text message?

A rich website message is a temporary website page our system creates that is linked to your text message. Given the character restriction in a text message, rich messages are a great way to add additional information to your message.

Rich Message Example


Rich messages are generated automatically by Sakari, and have a number of features: 

  • 100% Customizable.  Each message is an actual website page, allowing for complete customization to your brand.  We've created 4 example pages to help you get started.  They're available at Templates > Web
  • Response Buttons.  Include response buttons in your message to make your customer responses easy. 
  • Navigation. Add maps and navigation to your office, job site or anywhere else
  • Click to Call. Add buttons so your customers or employees can easily call by click a button. 
  • Images. Include images, logos and maps to completely customize your rich message. 
  • Dynamic Data. Data fields can be added automatically so customized messages can be created easily


To get started with your own rich message, go to Templates > Web and click the plus sign in the bottom right. This will open the template creation modal.  To help you get started, we've also created 4 example rich messages, they're available at Templates > Web