What is a Text Message Segment?

Segments are how text messages are billed with SMS carriers. This article provides an explanation of what a segment is.

What is a messaging segment?

Text messaging carriers throughout the world measure text messages in character batches called segments.  You are billed for each segment sent and received.  

What will it cost to send my message?

Your cost per message will be based on three things:
  1. Length - Your message length, measured in segments.
  2. Your Plan. Each pricing plan with Sakari has a different per message segment rate.
  3. Destination Country.  The destination country of your contact will have an associated per message segment rate.  

How do I calculate my message length?

Segments are generally 160 characters in length, so if your message is 161 characters, it is two segments. 

Here is a SMS length calculator for determining your message length: https://sakari.io/sms-length-calculator/

Do you support sending emoji characters?

Yes! 😀 We support sending emojis. 🎉


Is there a character limit? 

A text message is generally limited to 10 segments, which generally is 1,600 characters (160 x 10).  There are some countries that don't support sending 10 segment messages. 
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