Sender ID Requirements

Use an Alphanumeric Sender ID to send text messages from your branded company name.

What are Alphanumeric Sender IDs?

Alphanumeric Sender ID allows you to set your company name or brand as the Sender ID when sending one-way SMS messages. 

Sender ID Requirements

Alphanumeric Sender IDs can be up to 11 characters in length and support the following categories:

  • Upper-case letters A-Z
  • Lower-case letters a-z
  • Numbers 0-9
  • Spaces

Your ID must include at least one letter and cannot be composed only of numbers. Non-ASCII special characters and punctuation are not allowed.

To help calculate the length of your sender ID, we recommend using the Sakari SMS length calculator:



Can my contacts respond? 

No. Alphanumeric Sender IDs only support one-way communication.  As such, your contacts should have opted-in to communication with you.

Sender ID Costs

Sender IDs are treated like a standard phone number at Sakari.  On the Pay and Go plan a sender ID is $4/mo USD, on the monthly subscriptions one number is included free with each subscription.

Add a Sender ID to your account

Please create a ticket to add a Sender ID to your Sakari account.  All sender IDs submissions must be verified by the Sakari support team.