How to Create a Sakari User Group

User groups in Sakari allow to you associate a phone number to a group of users

Step 1 

In Sakari, click the Groups icon in the top right.


Step 2

Click the red + icon to create a new group.



Step 3

Setup your group:

  • Name - this will be used as the group display name
  • Tags - tags are used in HubSpot workflows to use this group phone number
  • Phone Numbers - the phone number(s) that text messages will be sent from with this group
  • Users - the user(s) that should have visibility to this group

Step 4

Add any desired tags.  Tags are used to identify and select the group for messaging in HubSpot workflows.

Pro Tip: to use a designated group phone number in a HubSpot workflow, use the tag in the Run As field in HubSpot.


Step 5

Click Save to save your group.