Phone Number Setup

The available phone number types and options with your Sakari account.

Phone Number Options

Sakari has messaging support for over 100 countries, and we offer two phone number types SMS messaging:

  • Shared pool phone numbers - on trial accounts and paid accounts without a dedicated phone number, all tex messages sent from Sakari will come from one of our shared pool of phone numbers.
  • Dedicated phone numbers - dedicated numbers are assigned exclusively to your account.  These have the advantage of never changing, and they can support inbound call forwarding.
  • Landline/VOIP text enablement - in the United States and Canada we can generally text-enable your existing landline or VOIP number

Phone Number Types

Throughout the world, there are generally up to three phone number types available to send text messages from:

  • Long Code – +1-415-555-1234
  • Toll Free Long Code – +1-800-555-1234
  • Short Codes - generally a 5 or 6 digit number (e.g. 456456)

Shared Pool Phone Numbers

The shared pool phone numbers are local and toll free numbers that are temporarily allocated to your account when communicating with your contacts. These phone numbers are free to use, but may rotate over time, and any inbound calls will not be forwarded to your business.

Dedicated Phone Numbers

We can offer dedicated local phone numbers from over 100 countries.  The type of phone number will vary by country, but typical options are Local, Toll-Free and mobile phone numbers. 

In the United States and Canada we are generally able to text-enable your existing landline or VOIP phone numbers.  Please contact us for details.

The price for a dedicated phone number may vary, but most start at $4/mo USD.  All paid subscriptions include a free dedicated United States, United Kingdom, France or Canada phone number. Please view our pricing page for other common countries.  If you don't see your country listed, please contact us.

Additional Available Features

Sender IDs

Sakari supports the use of Sender IDs (e.g. your brand name as the sending phone number) in more than 100 countries.  

To learn more about sender IDs, please visit our sender IDs support article: Alphanumeric Sender IDs

Landline Texting

In the United States and Canada we are able to send text messages using your existing landline phone number.  Please contact us to set this up.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Texting

In the United States and Canada we usually able to send text messages using your existing VOIP phone number.  Please contact us to set this up.

Call Forwarding

We offer call forwarding to any phone number with all of our dedicated phone numbers.  Please refer to this article to configure this for your account (this requires a dedicated phone number): Setup Call Forwarding

Phone Number Validation

When text messages are sent to a landline phone number they will error, but these are still chargeable messages.

We offer an additional service to validate all phone numbers as mobile prior to attempting to send a text message.  By confirming a phone number as being a mobile number, you will save money not attempting to send text messages to landline phone numbers.  

The cost for each number validation is $0.01 USD, and is turned on at the account level.  Please contact us to set this up.


We can configure auto-responders on any dedicated phone number.  These can be configured to send any time any message is received, or when certain conditions are sent (e.g. the word "Home", or "Home 45").  Please contact us to set this up.