Germany (DE)

Country specific features and restrictions for Germany.

Available Phone Number Types

  • Sakari-provided DE Mobile number.  Inbound calls can be forwarded to a number of your choice
  • Sakari-provided sender ID

Mobile-Number Support

We are not able to send text messages from your existing mobile phone number.

Sender IDs

There are no known Sender ID restrictions in Germany, other than Short codes cannot be used on Vodafone 26202

Business Mobile Number Application Requirements

Local regulations require proof of identity and proof of address to obtain a dedicated German mobile number.

Information Required Documentation Required Acceptable Documentation (One of the following)

Business Name

Proof of Identity

  • Excerpt from the commercial register (Handelsregisterauszug)

Business Address

May be anywhere in the world

Proof of Address

  • Excerpt from the commercial register (Handelsregisterauszug) showing matching address
  • Trade license (Gewerbeanmeldung) showing matching address