Mobile phone number validation

Automatically identify mobile phone numbers before sending a text message.


Sakari can enable phone number validation on your account.  Using validation, prior to attempting to send a text message, each phone number is validated as being a mobile number.  

When a phone number is determined to be a non-mobile phone number, all text messages will automatically be not attempted to the contacts phone number.


With Sakari, each sent text message is chargeable when it is sent to the contacts mobile carrier, regardless of if it was to a landline phone number. By confirming a phone number as being a mobile number prior to attempting to send a text message, you will save money not attempting to send text messages to landline phone numbers.  

Validation Cost

The cost for each number validation is $0.01 USD.  Phone number validation is turned on at the account level, and all phone numbers are automatically verified.

Getting Started

To get started, contact the Sakari team and we can get it enabled for your account.