Landline/VOIP Text Enablement

Send and receive text messages from your existing Landline or VOIP phone number in the US and Canada.


Sakari can text-enable your existing landline or Voice Over Internet Protocol  (VOIP) phone number in the United States and Canada. 

Your team can continue to use your existing company landline or VOIP phone number to send/receive voice calls.  All text messages will automatically be routed through Sakari and displayed as your landline phone number.

Landline Texting Pricing

Standard Sakari text messaging rates will apply.  The additional phone number is treated as a standard United States or Canada phone number, and standard phone billing rates apply.

To view the messaging pricing, please visit:

Getting Started

To get started, contact the Sakari team.  You will need to complete a signed Letter of Authorization to enable this feature.