How to Create a HubSpot SMS Template

Create SMS text messaging templates in HubSpot to quickly reply to your contacts.

Step 1

In HubSpot, go to any contact record. 

Step 2

Click the Sakari "Send SMS" button to open the Sakari text messaging interface.

Step 3

Type your desired message template in the Message field.  This template can include static text, HubSpot tokens, links and emojis.

Acceptable fields: 

  • Static text 
  • HubSpot contact tokens - add HubSpot contact tokens using the internal field name with three opening and closing "{" like this: }
  • Emojis - paste your emojis 😀
  • Website Links - add website links (e.g.,,


SMS Template Example



PRO TIP: Here's how to find the HubSpot internal field name for any property: How to Find the HubSpot Internal Field Names

Step 4

Click the templates pulldown.


Step 5

Click the Save icon.


Step 6

Give your template a name. Click Save.