How to Send Individual Text Messages in HubSpot

How to send individual text messages from the contact record in HubSpot

Prior to sending text messages in HubSpot, please ensure you've completed all of the HubSpot integration steps outlined in this support article: Setting up integration between Sakari and HubSpot

Step 1

Log in to your HubSpot account

Step 2

Go to Contacts

Step 3

Select any contact record.  Ensure that the "Phone Number" field is populated.  When this field exists for a contact, the "Send SMS" button will appear. 


Step 4

Click the "Send SMS" chat button to open the chat interface window. Type your message and click the white arrow "Send" button.

Step 5

The message will be sent and appear on your contacts timeline.  If they respond, you'll also see that on the contacts timeline as well.